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CES 2019: Keep an eye on your door with Brinno’s Duo cam. – Time.Lapse Photography Article

The Brinno Duo Smart Peephole DoorCam enlists, you guessed it, your door’s peephole to keep watch. BY MEGAN WOLLERTONJANUARY 9, 2019 6:00 AM PST Meet Brinno’s Duo cam.Brinno Brinno’s Duo Smart Peephole DoorCam replaces your existing peephole to keep an eye on your front door. The startup says its DoorCam is simple to install and can be retrofitted to doors with peepholes. Rather than recording a video clip when the motion sensor detects activity, the Duo cam is supposed to…

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Ideal for Homeowners and Renters, Brinno Unveils DUO – the Most Affordable & Practical Smart Front Door Security Solution – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Brinno’s DUO smart peephole camera retrofits a front door peephole to offer a discreet Dual Screen / DualStorage DIY solution for home security Americans are no strangers to the troubling trends of break-ins and package-theft from homes & apartments.  Today, there are several IoT home security options targeted to tech-savvy young adults but they are often challenging to install by the average homeowner, can’t be used by renters, are visibly obvious to burglars, or require a monthly fee. Created for…

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Brinno Peephole Camera-SHC1000 Review: A Safety Entrance – Time.Lapse Photography Article

We care for your loved ones at home If you’ve decided to install a home security camera and you’re starting to browse Amazon or eBay to see what’s available, you’ll need to know how to choose the right camera and the best places to install security camera. Around 34% of all burglars enter homes through the front of the building, so you’ll need to set one security camera here. It is a great way to deter every activity from the…

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