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More Adventures with the Best Little Light Shaper « Joe McNally’s Blog – Photography Article

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with photogs who want/need to work super simple, fast, carry very little and still have a good result with flash work. Being at the TPS show recently in Birmingham, I had the pleasure of conducting a couple of photo walks with fellow shooters, and creating a couple of scenarios that are of the aforementioned “super simple” type. I’ve really come to revere my little Ezybox Speed-Lite Two Plus soft box…..let’s just…

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Lighting News! « Joe McNally’s Blog – Photography Article

Over at my Instagram feed, questions about lighting regularly pop up. So, at least occasionally, I use my blog to try to offer some answers. Latest round of questions come from a pic of Fallon Rivers, who is a wonderful model, stylist and overall presence in and around Nashville. Shot at 1/4000th, f2 on a Nikkor 200mm f2 telephoto, ISO 200, on a D810. Min DOF, resulting in high speed sync. Light shaper is a Lastolite 4 in 1 umbrella,…

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