Attorney Explains How Gigi Hadid Got Her Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed – Photography Article

Earlier this week, supermodel Gigi Hadid‘s lawyers successfully got a copyright case against her dismissed despite the fact that most people thought this was a clear cut case of infringement. The important question for photographers now is: how did her lawyers manage to pull this off? This original lawsuit was filed in January of this year after Hadid posted a photo of herself, taken by a photographer working for the agency Xclusive-Lee, Inc., to her Instagram without permission or payment.…

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I Can Use a Photographer’s Photo Because I Smiled – Photography Article

Famous model Gigi Hadid is being sued by a photo agency for posting a copyrighted photo of her on Instagram without permission. Hadid is now arguing that it was “fair use” because she contributed to the photo by smiling in it. The 24-year-old model had posted a copyrighted photo of her on a New York City street to her Instagram account @gigihadid, which currently boasts over 48 million followers. The post led to a copyright infringement lawsuit by Xclusive-Lee, Inc.,…

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