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In the 1930s, a young man named Goro Yoshida disassembled a popular Leica camera model. Raised in Tokyo, he’d been fascinated by cameras even in his youth—this wasn’t his first time taking a camera apart and rebuilding it. But as he examined the Leica, Yoshida had an epiphany: he had access to all the same materials as the best manufacturers in the world—aluminum, rubber, and brass. By 1934, he’d created his own camera prototype. He called it Kwanon, but a…

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The last few years have brought a wave of transformation in the field of digital photography, from the emergence of high-quality smartphone cameras to the mirrorless revolution. With so many options available to rent or buy, it’s an exciting time to be a photographer. Trends come and go, but great cameras and lenses stick around and leave their mark. Here’s a look at just eight pieces of gear that prove their worth time and again. If your specialty is landscape…

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