‘Overpayment’ Scam Leaves Wedding Photographer with $4,600 in Debt – Photography Article

A British Columbia-based wedding photographer is out $4,600 after falling prey to something called the “overpayment” scam—an insidious scam that often targets wedding and event photographers, and has allegedly cost its victims nearly $5 million this year alone. We’ve warned readers about these kinds of scams before. Also called advanced-fee scams, the swindle involves offering a photographer a paying gig that isn’t real. Unfortunately, photographer Esther Moerman hadn’t heard of this trick, and her business has taken a big hit…

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‘Best of Weddings’ Award-Winning Photog Sued by Multiple Couples – Photography Article

A multiple-award-winning Florida wedding photographer is being called out by the local news after multiple couples have sued him, claiming he failed to deliver the photos and videos they were owed. Stories of couples suing wedding photographers—rightfully and otherwise—for failing to deliver images and video are not uncommon. What is uncommon is for these photographers to have been praised so thoroughly in the past. According to an expose on local news station Click Orlando, SNi Photography is at the center…

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Buyer Steals Camera by Pretending to Receive Wrong Product – Photography Article

When it comes to selling your used camera gear online, many consider eBay to be one of the safer options. But as one photographer found out recently, there’s a new scam that gets around eBay’s “protections” and could cost you thousands of dollars and your camera gear. Liz Moughon—a photo intern who has worked at the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and more—shared her story with PetaPixel last week. Back in mid-June Moughon sold an unopened, still-in-box Sony a6500…

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