Pro Food Photographer Debunks Viral ‘Food Styling Hacks’ – Photography Article

Those “food styling hacks” videos that go viral online every few months might not be entirely truthful—in fact, they’re often entirely misleading. Which is why professional food photographer Scott Choucino put together this video reacting to/debunking some of the most common hacks he’s seen online. Choucino sent us the video earlier today, explaining that he and his wife—who happens to be a food stylist—felt compelled to make a “myth busting video” that explains what actually happens on a real life…

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Using a $3 TV Dinner to Capture 5-Star Food Photos – Photography Article

Photographer Taylor Jackson has started a new series on his YouTube channel called Photography Challenge, where he will (you guessed it) take on a different challenge every episode. And this week, he’s been challenged to turn a $3 frozen TV dinner in professional food photography worthy of a 5-star restaurant. After reading the challenge, Taylor’s first move was actually to phone a friend. Since he has no experience styling food, he called in a chef friend of his to help…

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Two Focal Lengths Every Prime Lover Should Own – Photography Article

In the world of photography, you’ll find people generally prefer primes or zooms. The main benefit to zoom lenses is that you can cover multiple focal lengths in one decent sized package. In saying this, there are some prime lenses that can work well for multiple purposes. Two of these are the 35mm and 85mm primes. Now just to be clear, like any article this doesn’t apply to all people. With the genres I shoot, these two lenses can cover…

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