What to Include in Your Company Brochure – Photography Article

Create a dynamic company brochure for your business today. From engaging content to memorable images, find out how to make your brochure stand out. While everyone focuses on digital marketing, it can be easy to forget how essential print marketing is to your business. Your company brochure is an effective way to reach a new audience, one who may not interact with your online presence or other forms of advertising. Learn how to create a professional brochure with all the…

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Six Brochure Folds Guaranteed to Catch the Eye’s Attention – Photography Article

Learn six effective brochure folds for print marketing campaigns and what makes them so spectacular (and memorable) for your business. Brochures are an excellent marketing tool to summarize key concepts in a way that grabs attention and is easy to remember. Choosing the right fold is almost as important as the content you place on each page. Here are six types of brochure folds that provide great results. The Half Fold: Simple and Clear The half fold consists of a…

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