How to Shoot Refraction Macro Photos in Water Drops, Glass Beads and More – Photography Article

Refraction photography is an exciting subject that has been enjoying increasing popularity amongst photographers. You’ve probably seen refraction photos before: where an out-of-focus background appears sharply defined inside a crystal ball or a dew drop for example. In today’s post, we will examine this phenomenon and learn how to take beautiful photos by taking advantage of this effect. A typical refraction photo: The out-of-focus landscape in the background appears sharp and vertically flipped inside the glass orb. What is Refraction?…

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9 Tips For Beautiful Flower Macro Photography On iPhone – iPhone Photography Article

Do you want to take beautiful close up flower photos with your iPhone? With an iPhone macro lens, you can capture the intricate detail of even the smallest flowers. But to get high-quality sharp photos, you need to know a few tricks. In this tutorial, you’ll discover 9 secrets for shooting stunning flower macro photography with your iPhone. 1. Use A High-Quality iPhone Macro Lens For Beautifully Sharp Photos The built-in lenses of the iPhone camera aren’t suitable for extreme…

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Happy Feb 14th | iPhone Photographer – iPhone Photography Article

Happy Feb 14th Posted by David Pasillas on February 14, 2017 Posted in: iphoneography. Tagged: apps, art, artista impresso, flowers, icolorama, iPhone, iPhoneography, love, nature, painterly, photography, Photos, snapseed, still life, valentines day. A flower falls, even though we love it.  -Dogen I hate to be that guy, but I’ve never been a fan of this holiday. Probably because I spent too many of them alone. Shrug.  I’ll probably be spending the day eating junk food and doing something artsy…

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