Our time-lapse specialisms: spotlight on internal projects – Time Lapse Photography Article

Our time-lapse specialisms: spotlight on internal projects COMPLEX racking installations, branch-specific retail fit-outs, logistical warehouse operations and boat builds. These are just some of the varied internal works that our camera systems have been utilised to capture.We have time-lapsed an array of interior works, including retail & office fit-outs, warehouse developments for large corporations and household names, as well as specific branch improvements for pharmaceutical chains and multinational businesses.The bespoke nature of our time-lapse solutions gives us the freedom and…

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Time-lapse Trends: festivals from around the world – Time.Lapse Photography Article

“Time-Lapse Trends” is a video blog series which draws attention to some of the many exciting trends in time-lapse production. We feature a new trend in each instalment, to demonstrate the scope of the medium and the various ways in which it is applied, ranging from the popular to the more obscure. It’s been raining a lot in the UK which means that festival season is well and truly under way. What can time-lapse lend to the representation of festivals…

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