I Shot the Boston 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular on Expired Film – Photography Article

It’s 6:30PM on the 4th of July in Boston and I had just gotten off work—one of those poor souls whose job doesn’t care about national holidays. What’s worse is that all of my plans fell through; my roomies are at a private event on Google’s rooftop, the cute gal I’m dating is visiting family in Pittsburg, and all of my climber bum friends are up in New Hampshire making the most of a 4 day weekend. So I walk…

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Happy Independence Day! Here’s How to Photograph Fireworks – Photography Article

Image by Derek Key on Flickr Regardless of where in the United States you might be, when the fireworks explode over the skies, you can bet that around you, there will be a see of onlookers, cooing in amazement with their iPhones in hand.  Of course, fireworks are one of the hardest things to actually photograph — especially if you don’t have your camera dialed in with the right settings. Because it’s such a challenger, we asked resident lighting expert…

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