Nikon CEO Expects Imaging Business Profits to Grow 80% in Three Years – Photography Article

In a recent interview with Japanese publication Nikkei, Nikon CEO Toshikazu Umatate admitted that imaging profits have fallen to one-sixth of their peak in 2012, but painted a more hopeful picture for the near future. These days, financial reports and interviews from camera companies frequently read like death omens and dire warnings. The current climate is always “shrinking” and any hopeful statement is usually tempered by the assertion that the market will continue to shrink for the foreseeable future. But…

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Canon Increased Market Share in 2018 But Camera Market Continues to Bleed – Photography Article

Nikkei published its 2018 digital camera market trends report yesterday, and the news is grim. While Canon, Fuji and Olympus all saw their global market share increase last year, total sales volume for digital cameras dropped by a whopping 22%. The story is perhaps rosiest for Canon, whose 40.5% market share represents an increase of 3.9% over 2017. Meanwhile, its closest competitors both saw market share drop, with Nikon logging 19.1% (a decrease of 2.7%) and Sony at 17.7% (a…

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