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500px Blog » Licensing Contributor Angela Perez and the business of photography – Photography Article

Exclusive Licensing Contributor Angela Perez is a wedding and creative fashion photographer based out of Florida in the United States. She incorporates vibrant colors in her images, creating a dynamic flare that helps her stand out. Q: Your photo ‘Harajuku Fashion’ is fun, bright, and really pops. What inspired this shoot and how many balloons did you need to blow up to fill your frame? A: We were inspired by Tokyo street fashion mostly found on the streets of the…

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500px Blog » » 500px celebrates Asian Heritage Month: 5 photographers to watch – Photography Article

Here at 500px, we’re proud to host a blend of content creators of Asian descent: Pacific-Asian, East-Asian, and beyond. Asian Heritage Month is a great opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the works and contributions of our community members. We spoke to five photographers about their creative journeys, why they chose photography, how they’ve honed their craft, and more. Read on for their stories. Why did you become a photographer? I always liked taking photos but never dreamed I could…

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500px Blog » » Contributor Elena Slyusar on what makes a “good” or “bad” photo – Photography Article

Licensing Contributor Elena Slyusar is a fashion and beauty portrait photographer based in Moscow, Russia. Elena is an exclusive Contributor with a fondness for using pastel shades and soft lighting. She creatively approaches a variety of themes within her photography, but always ensures her subjects are comfortable with any connotations that may be associated with her work. Browse her Licensing collection here. Q: How did you get started in fashion photography? A: It was a long journey. I started taking…

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