This Photographer Shoots ‘Lord of the Rings’ Scenes on a Tabletop – Photography Article

Nicholas Busch is a Davenport, Iowa-based portrait photographer who has been working on a fascinating personal project in his free time: he shoots Lord of the Rings scenes on a tabletop using miniature scale model photography. Busch came up with the idea for the project a couple of years ago while doing toy car photography — he began wondering whether he could composite humans into miniature scenes in a believable way. After confirming that he could through a few tests,…

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MR. BLANKO • Anoche se me apareció el Ayuwoki y pos lo dibujé,… – iPhone Photography Article

Anoche se me apareció el Ayuwoki y pos lo dibujé, pero apenas lo posteo. También es una parodia de Breakbot.———-For my English speaking friends, taken from -Know your Meme- page: “The Ayuwoki” is a Spanish-language creepypasta about a cryptid modeled after Michael Jackson who appears in one room late at night and says “Hee-hee,” Jackson’s signature vocal riff. The name “Ayuwoki” is an intentionally-misspelled play on the lyric “Annie, «are you okay»?” from Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” It is associated with…

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