Canadian Political Party Caught Using Photoshop to Add Reusable Straw to Leader’s Photo – Photography Article

Earlier this week, the Canadian Green Party was caught in a Photoshop gaff that toes the line between silly and troubling. As reported by the National Post it seems a photograph of the party’s leader, Elizabeth May, was Photoshopped to add a green party logo and a reusable straw, putting it more in line with the party’s environmental policies. Nobody seems to know when, how, or why this edit was made, but a party spokesperson did admit that Photoshop was…

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These Deepfakes of Famous People Are Testing Facebook’s Policies – Photography Article

Facebook has recently taken a position of not removing faked videos, choosing instead to reduce their reach and display them alongside fact-checking information. Now a series of viral deepfake videos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other famous individuals is putting Facebook’s policies to the test. Motherboard reports that artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe recently partnered with the advertising Canny to create AI-generated fake videos of people talking about a mysterious “Spectre,” which is actually an exhibition the artists…

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