Not so flat bread – LEANNE COLE – Fine Art Photography Article

Not so flat bread – LEANNE COLE It is the second day and I redid what I did yesterday, except I changed part of the experiment, and today my bread was not so flat. So going on from yesterday’s attempt I did everything exactly the same, except for the bulk rise. Yesterday’s bread Remember yesterday I was saying that the bread was flat and the crumb was quite dense. I was trying to work out what went wrong. It seemed…

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My bread is flat – LEANNE COLE – Fine Art Photography Article

My bread is flat – LEANNE COLE Baking sourdough bread has been something I’ve been doing for a while and occasionally I still have one that is flat. So the question is why? These days my bread is usually pretty good. I have worked out how to get it to rise and taste good. However, sometimes, especially when I decide to mess with what I’m doing, I get a flat loaf of bread. How it should look. What I normally…

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A Group of Photographers Across the UK Passed Around One Dress – Photography Article

Earlier this year, photographer Danielle Reeder of Somerset, UK, launched an experimental photo project called The Traveling Dress Collective. The idea was to pass one dress around between photographers based around the UK to see the diversity of the resulting portraits. “What would happen if a group of photographers had the opportunity to shoot with the exact same dress?” Reeder writes. “How different would the results be?” Reeder put together a list of photographers working in a variety of genres,…

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