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How much does it cost to place an Ad at Burj Khalifa? – Photobook Photography Article

Have you ever witnessed an ad, promotion or a message displayed at the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa? Even though posting an advertisement there is worth anything because the whole world gets to know about it, yet do you know how much does a single promotion can cost you? The marketing agency that manages the lighting displays at the Burj Khalifa has just revealed that cost that one has to bear to advertise or post a message on Burj…

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5 unusual examples of B2B marketing – Photobook Photography Article

Content marketing is a great way to grow inbound traffic. It provides consumers with value and helps to build relationships. Traditional B2B marketing is different from regular content campaigns. It tends to be more practical, aiming to educate businesses and provide them with useful resources. But some of the best B2B marketing campaigns move away from the norm. The more unique the campaign, the more it’s going to stick in the minds of the viewer. B2B marketers crave attention –…

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