Personal + Career Reinvention with Jasmine Star – Photography Article

[ad_1] Can you believe this show has been running for 10 YEARS! Today’s guest was one of my earliest guests, and long time friend, Jasmine Star. Jasmine is a photographer, business strategist and founder of Social Curator. If you’re an OG listener, you’ll hear some behind the scenes stories of some our collaborations, including the internet’s first ever LIVE wedding (where Jasmine taught CreativeLive’s first wedding photo class – attended by 150,000 students!) More important than reminiscing, though, we go…

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Stay Creative, Focused, and True to Yourself with Austin Kleon – Photography Article

[ad_1] He is one of the most insightful voices on one of my favorite topics: building and maintaining a creativity habit. Today on the show please welcome my long-time friend and creative inspirator – Austin Kleon. If you’re not familiar with this work, Austin is a lifelong artist and the bestselling author of three earlier books (Newspaper Blackout, Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work)…but today we’re all about his new book titled Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay…

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The Best Books on Creativity, Leadership and Finances – Photography Article

[ad_1] The Best Books on Creativity, Leadership and Finances Home > Uncategorized > 12 inspiring books on creativity, leadership, and finances to add to your summer reading list <link rel="stylesheet" id="js_composer_front-css" href="https://www.creativelive.com/blog/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/assets/css/js_composer.min.css?ver=5.6" type="text/css"… [ad_2]This is only a snippet of a Photography Article written by Hillary Grigonis Source…

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Don’t Let Fear Decide Your Future with Tabatha Coffey – Photography Article

[ad_1] Tabatha Coffey is an Australian entrepreneur and TV personality. Her no-nonsense approach and savvy business mind inspires us to take charge of our lives, and – most importantly – make the tough decisions required for us to live the lives we were meant to live. I recently took a class from Tabatha called How to be Bold, Resilient & Better Than Ever and I was very impressed. So impressed that I managed to share some of my favorite parts of…

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Addiction, Reinvention, and Finding Ultra with Endurance Athlete Rich Roll – Photography Article

[ad_1] Rich Roll is a New York Times best selling author, endurance athlete, parent and beautiful human being. He first came across my radar a few years ago when he completed FIVE Iron Mans in five consecutive days. That’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, finished off with a marathon in one day — TIMES 5 DAYS!! On the show, we dive into reinvention, overcoming addiction and depression, explore plant based diets, and his spiritual calling… We also cover:…

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Diversifying Creativity with TONL | Chase Jarvis Photography – Photography Article

[ad_1] By working to highlight a diverse set of narratives from under represented populations, Joshua Kissi and Karen Okonkwo — two of Inc Magazine’s 30 Under 30 — are addressing a huge gap in the creative market.   Karen was at Arizona State University when she decided to start a blog for sorority women. It gained immediate attention. Yet, when a friend asked why there wasn’t any African Americans showcased on the site, she was defensive. As an African American herself, she…

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Disruption, Reinvention, and Reimagining Silicon Valley with Arlan Hamilton – Photography Article

[ad_1] Arlan Hamilton built a venture capital fund from the ground up, while homeless and living off of food stamps.  Now she’s on the cover of Fast Company Magazine – and she has invested millions in startups run by people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community. Through pursuing her curiosity and passion,  Arlan’s found a way to create a living and a life for herself and work on a really tough problem: reconfiguring the ways that money and funding…

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Do Something Different with Jason Mesnick – Photography Article

[ad_1] After a difficult divorce, Jason Mesnick wanted to rediscover himself, rekindle his sense of adventure, and try something new. That was his mantra. And it sparked an unexpected journey that pushed him into the leading role in the 13th season of The Bachelor. Though he presents himself as a “normal guy” he clearly has lived an extraordinary reality tv experience that so few of us have (and of course we talk about this in depth, how unusual it really…

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Start Before You’re Ready — with Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton  – Photography Article

[ad_1] If you don’t know Brandon, you definitely know his work. Brandon is the creator of Humans of New York which has accumulated over 25 million followers and has since evolve to include two NYT-bestselling books (Humans of New York and Humans of New York: Stories) and a Humans of New York show on Facebook Watch. It has also spawned an entire genre of similar blogs, photo projects, with thousands of aspiring creators having been inspired by HONY’s footsteps, telling the stories…

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Unconventional Ways to WIN with Rand Fishkin – Photography Article

[ad_1] This week on the show we’ve got serial entrepreneur, marketer extraordinaire and SEO genius Rand Fishkin. Among other things, the guy is an online content legend, having built the legendary MOZ, one of the first online resources / communities helping creators optimize for SEO (yes search engine optimization…aka if you make content, it’s helping your people find you on the internet) and now he’s got a new company you’ve gotta know about, and a new BOOK, called Lost &…

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The Dirtiest Secret in Photography – Photography Article

[ad_1] I’m often asked: where I get my inspiration from, how to stand out? AND why I’m sharing less BTS videos of my photo shoots? Well….glad you asked. Because in today’s episode of #cjRAW, I answer those questions specifically….but wanted to do something a little bit different. A little stripped down. Straight talk. Heart to heart — just you and me. In fact, in this episode, I reveal the dirtiest secret in photography. Truth is: the most game-changing ideas come…

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