Pro Wedding Photographers Compare iPhone 11 Pro to Canon 5D Mark IV – Photography Article

There’s no doubt the iPhone 11 Pro’s new triple camera and computer vision tech has significantly improved the smartphone’s camera performance, especially in low light. But how far has the phone really come, and can the results hold up against a DSLR in the hands of a wedding photographer? San Francisco-based wedding photographers Jamie and Lauren Eichar of Eichar Photography wanted to find out, so they took the new iPhone 11 Pro out alongside their trusty Canon 5D Mark IV…

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This Photographer Has Elderly Couples Pose for Engagement-style Photos – Photography Article

While traveling the world to teach her photography workshops, photographer Sujata Setia has been working on a long-running photo series in which she asks elderly couples who have been married for decades to pose for engagement-style photos for them to keep. “It’s just the pleasant shock of never, ever imagining that someone would ask them to pose like a newly married couple at 80 years old,” the London-based child portrait photographer tells HuffPost. “I tell them to hold hands, kiss.…

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How to Trick Instagram’s Algorithm for Higher Engagement (Maybe) – Photography Article

In mid-2016, Instagram started using an algorithm to order the photos you’re shown, which was a big change from the simple chronological feed that had been used since the beginning. If you’re not happy with the reach and engagement your photos on getting on Instagram, there’s a rumored trick you may want to try. Here’s the rumor: Instagram’s algorithm is said to favor photos that have had Instagram’s own filters applied to them, even if the filters are applied so…

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