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Create Dozens of Couples Poses From 3 Easy Stances – Photography Article

Google “couple photography ideas,” and you’ll churn up hundreds of different poses. But unless you have a memory that’s as photographic as the camera in your hand, under the pressure of a wedding day or engagement shoot, all those great ideas tend to dissipate. Creating great couples poses, however, doesn’t actually require memorizing all the different ways to put two people together. In fact, if you can learn just three basic posing prompts, you can create dozens of different looks…

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500px Blog » Capturing Love: Posing Ideas for Incredible Couples Photography – Photography Article

Did you know that nearly 40% of engagements occur between November and February? Neither did we. Valentine’s Day marks the end of engagement season and since the weather is warming up I put together a gallery of some key couple poses, tips, and photoshoot ideas to prepare you for your next couples photo shoot. When preparing for a couples photoshoot, it’s easy to get caught up making sure your gear is good to go and connecting with your clients, but…

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