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Shoura Council discussed on 6 hour working per day – Photobook Photography Article

Employee Benefits By shafprince | August 8, 2019Most of the companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia work 8-hours per day, but it doesn’t mean that people who are working fully 8 hours per day are 100% utilised. People working private sectors in Saudi Arabia have been asking this from long time to reduce the no. of workings hours.In countries like, Sweden, Portugal and France many companies have applied 6-hour work per day, which is boosting employee morale and is keeping them energetic…

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saprc.gov.sa | Special Residency Centers launched in KSA for Expatriates – Photobook Photography Article

Employee Benefits By shafprince | June 24, 2019After the announcement of Privileged Iqama in the kingdom fo Saudi Arabia which will benefit Expatriates living in the kingdom.Now the Saudi Government has launched Premium Residency Center on 23rd of June 2019 and have started receiving application for Privileged Iqama (Premium Residency)This needs to be done through the electronic platform ‘saprc’ for acquiring ‘green card’ or special privileged Iqama.This was one of the decision taken by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman way back in the…

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Working in Direct Sun banned in Saudi Arabia (15th Jun – 15th Sept) – Photobook Photography Article

Employee Benefits By shafprince | June 15, 2019Climate in Saudi Arabia is very hot in summer generally due to desert and the rain is very scarce to happen. The Ministry of Labor & Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have banned worker to work in direct sun for 3 months starting 15th June 2018 to 15th September. It means mid-day break in noon time between 12 PM to 3 PM for 3 months.Though its the responsibility of of the companies and…

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