Does Sony’s Crop Mode Mean I Need Fewer Lenses? – Photography Article

A major change — and learning curve — for me this year has been my switch from Nikon to Sony. I’ve already documented the story of my switch to Sony, but what I have since discovered is the huge possibilities — or as some of us might call it the “confusion of options” — that comes with owning a Sony Alpha camera. Upon holding your Sony camera in your hands for the first time, the first settings you will be…

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What Shooting Film Taught Me About Black-and-White Photos – Photography Article

Clients often ask whether they can have their photos in black-and-white. My reply is always that I’ll do black-and-white versions in the gallery if they work — if they help the image shout “look at me”. In the Darkroom Back in 1986, when I got my first SLR, I only shot black-and-white film. I forget why. Perhaps the color was too difficult to process. But growing up, I was lucky enough to have a darkroom at home, it wasn’t equipped…

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