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9 Easy Photoshop Adjustments for RAW Files – Photography Article

9 Easy Photoshop Adjustments for RAW Files RAW files are not processed within the camera, which means they’re essentially a huge chunk of data for you to mold. Think of them like raw materials found in nature, just waiting to be used for any number of purposes. In the world of technology, the larger your data file, the larger the canvas and the more choices you have. To help beginners navigate the breadth of options available, here’s a quick and…

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Permission to Fear: How Brooke Shaden Became a Fine Art Photographer – Photography Article

Fear is often seen as a weakness to be overcome — but for fine art photographer Brooke Shaden, fear became a launching point to a creative career. The photographer, now known for her otherworldly, often dark imagery, found herself — and her work — not by trying to overcome fear, but by trying instead to explore it. She’s reminded daily of her journey by the tattoo, “fear is the mind-killer,” running down her forearm. Growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Brooke…

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