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VSCO Tutorial: How to Use VSCO to Shoot & Edit Photos 2018 – iPhone Photography Article

VSCO is a powerful and popular camera and photo editing app on the iOS and Android. You can choose from a wide range of presets to instantly change the style and look of an image. You can also use the advanced manual controls to fine-tune a photo. VSCO has become part of my post-production in iPhone photography workflow. The VSCO app had a major update to the user interface in 2017. The navigation is now easier and the editing tools…

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How to Remove Location Data from Photos on iPhone and Mac – iPhone Photography Article

It’s so easy to share photos on social media, but did you know that the location information is recorded in the pictures you took? This can be a potential threat to your privacy. Why? It’s because of geotags. Geotags are the geographical metadata added to your photos. By default, the Camera app on your iPhone records geographic data, along with other metadata when you take a picture on your iPhone. This is perfect when you want to look for photos…

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac – iPhone Photography Article

There are many reasons for you to transfer photos from your iPhone to a computer. The number one reason for me is to save storage space. It’s so easy to build up the photo library: snapshots of everyday life, images saved from the web, and screenshots taken on the iPhone. As the photo collection grows, you want to sort out and back up the photos to your Mac before deleting them. You can find many ways to transfer photos from…

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