Earth Day

500px Blog » [Aerial Photography] The Most Breathtaking Views Of Beautiful Earth From Above – Photography Article

Take in the beauty of the planet we call home with these majestic views shot from above. As we celebrate the many diverse landscapes that make up the Earth, let’s think about the ways we can conserve and save these fragile environments from their total destruction in our hands. (And then just go and do it.) Ready to fly? Scroll down—it’s awesome at the top! Can’t get enough? Browse some more lovely landscapes from the top. You Might Also Like…

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How to Inspire Social Change with Your Creativity – Photography Article

If you aren’t familiar with Benjamin Von Wong‘s work then keep reading for some of the most viral and impactful images created. Von Wong is an artist / photographer who creates elaborate projects focused on bringing awareness to environmental change. His work often goes viral, with good intention. You might be familiar with the time he put a mermaid on top of 10,000 plastic bottles or when he set a Guinness World record with the largest art installation made made…

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