Drone Detection

Heathrow Airport London closed after Drone sighted – Aerial Photography Article

Here we go again. Another possible false drone sighting at Heathrow, and the UK’s busiest Airport is closed. The first response from the Police was to send their drones & helicopter in to look for the drone and guess what – yes, the public then phone in more drone sightings. These subsequent drone sightings are now the Police drones & helicopters, which perpetuates the problem – you couldn’t make it up. What will follow next is the Government putting the…

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Drones detected at Gatwick Airport causing closure and cancelled flights – Aerial Photography Article

Update 21/12/2018 – allegedly more drones detected , despite the UK military deploying cutting edge drone detection technology. Either this is down to copy cat drone operators or there was never a done there in the first place. Drones detected at Gatwick Airport causing closure and cancelled flights. Superintendent Justin Burtenshaw is in charge of policing at Gatwick, he said: “I’ve got resources from Surrey and Sussex right the way across the outside of Gatwick trying to identify who’s operating…

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