Canon’s Newest Camera Will Be Funded by…Indiegogo? – Photography Article

Just this week, Canon began promoting its newest product, the IVY REC: a tiny camera that clips onto a keychain, a necklace, and basically anything else you can think of. The IVY REC is billed as “shockproof” and “waterproof,” which makes it a convenient piece of kit for adventure-type shooting. It features a 13-megapixel camera that shoots both stills and video up to 60 frames-per-second at 1080p. And it includes wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily transfer your…

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Once 500PX “Photoshop Master” Now Facing Discipline for “Photomanipulation” from 500PX Moderators – Photography Article

Michael Karcz is about to be banned from the 500PX community. His account will likely be deleted. All based on what the 500PX moderators deem to be “non-photographic content” on his page. Michael Karcz is a well-respected photographer on 500PX. He is known for his fantasy-style images, which involved extensive use of Photoshop to create alternate realities. He has garnered thousands of followers and millions of views. And in an article published four years back, 500PX heaped praise on Karcz,…

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Nikon Releasing 900 Dollar Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera? – Photography Article

According to Nikkei, Nikon plans to release a mirrorless camera before the 2019 fiscal year is out. And it’ll likely be a budget option, one that comes in at about half the price of the Nikon Z6. Here’s the direct (translated) quote from Nikkei: Nikon will introduce a new mid-price mirrorless camera product in fiscal 2019. The same interchangeable lens can be used in the product that corresponds to a sister model such as the high-end model “Z7” launched by…

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year Disqualified Due to Image Manipulation – Photography Article

Africa Geographic announced its 2019 Photographer of the Year title, awarded for a dark, captivating close-up of an elephant. Just days later, the image was disqualified and the Photographer of the Year title revoked. In a statement that’s become more and more familiar in past years, Africa Geographic explained that “post-production work by the photographer resulted in certain tears in the ears of the elephant not being accurately reflected.” This violated one of the Photographer of the Year entry rules: “Entries…

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