Camera Makers, Please Bring Back the Custom Focus Limiter – Photography Article

Back in the Sony SLT days, the company included an incredibly useful feature into the a99 Mark II called the Custom Focus Limiter. It allowed you to limit your autofocus to any distance range you wanted, and by golly, we wish it were still a thing. In the video above, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake of DPReviewTV explain why they love this feature, and implore camera makers to add it back into their modern bodies. As they point out, focus…

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Nikon Z6 and Z7 Eye Autofocus Tests Reveal Struggles with Front-Focus – Photography Article

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake of DPReviewTV recently took the new Nikon Eye Autofocus firmware for a spin to see how it performs in the real world. But rather than comparing it directly to Sony and Canon, they wanted to put the firmware through its paces all on its own using both the more affordable Nikon Z6 and the high-res Nikon Z7. Overall, Niccolls’ evaluation tracks with everything else we’ve heard, and it goes something like this: This is a…

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