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500px Blog » 8 easy ways to make your photos more marketable – Photography Article

The difference between a “good” photo and a “bad” photo is subjective, but a “marketable” image is easier to define. The market for stock images is growing rapidly, but while trends come and go, there are a few key ingredients that always make a photo stand out. For starters, all best-selling photos tell a story. They convey a clear and simple message, and they can be used for multiple purposes. Luckily, just a few simple changes can elevate a “good”…

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500px Blog » 15 tips for beautiful candid portraits that stand out – Photography Article

12 women, all wearing hats, hair blowing in the wind. 12 explorers venturing into the depths of an ice cave. 12 hands, each holding a maple leaf. These are just three of the collages you’ll find on Insta Repeat, an Instagram account run by an anonymous filmmaker. The premise is simple: the @insta_repeat feed includes screenshots of photos pulled from a huge variety of accounts. Once they’re organized in a grid, they serve to highlight the, sometimes, crushing homogeneity of…

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