Capturing the Rodeo with a 100-Year-Old Kodak Vest Pocket Lens – Photography Article

This year the Reno Rodeo is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and photojournalist Ty O’Neil decided to photograph it in a way that would pay proper homage to that history: by capturing the 100-year-old rodeo with a 100-year-old lens. “With the Reno Rodeo celebrating 100 years I, as a photojournalist, wanted to capture the celebration of a centenary of rodeos,” O’Neil tells PetaPixel. “Inspired by the historic images of the Reno Rodeo I set about trying to find a way of…

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This is the World’s Smallest View Camera – Photography Article

Camera-making enthusiast Lucus Landers has created the Mini View Camera, a creation he believes is the smallest view camera (and one of the smallest film cameras) ever made. Landers, a 27-year-old photographer living in Brooklyn, designed and built the camera for a contest put on by the desktop milling machine maker Bantam Tools, which asked users to build something that fits into a 1-inch cube and incorporates the company’s red rooster logo. The machine shop Landers has been building over…

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How I Made a Digital Polaroid SX-70 – Photography Article

I wanted to see if it was possible to turn a dead SX-70 camera into a functioning digital camera without significantly modifying it’s outward appearance. I had no idea if this was reasonably doable but I set out to give it a try. Editor’s note: The longer, original version of this article was originally published on Joshua Gross’ website. This condensed version has been republished with Gross’ permission. The finished product: First, I disassembled the camera into its various components.…

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These Working Cameras Were Made With the Strangest Things – Photography Article

Brendan Barry is a UK-based large format photographer who has a curious passion for creating working cameras out of the most random everyday objects you could think of. ILFORD featured his work earlier this year, and here’s a look at some of his cameras and the photos they shoot. Bread A photo shot with the bread camera. Mannequin Honeydew Melon A photo shot with the honeydew melon camera. Abandoned Control Tower A photo shot with the abandoned control tower camera.…

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