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Fixing the Flat Light of a Midday Drone Photo – Aerial Photography Article

While driving across North America in the pickup truck full of drones, my partner Stacy Garlington and I remind ourselves that the journey is more important than the destination. We drive from city to city not to not simply to waste fuel, but to share our passion for drone photography with others. On the road, we use Google Maps to filter out the interstate highways. This forces us to travel the country roads and Main Streets of yesteryear. Creating drone…

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Phantom 4 Obsidian Model Arrived! Hampshire Aerial Photography – Aerial Photography Article

In mid December I received the long awaited Phantom 4 Professional Edition Obsidian, Plus Edition.I moved over to the Plus edition a few months ago as previously I used the model which needed to have my iPad pro connected to the drone as well. Personally I find the Plus module with the Screen much easier to see is direct sunlight due to its 1000cd/m2 brightness is awesome and just not needing to carry another device on jobs is really useful.Since…

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UK Drone laws and the changes coming in Spring 2018 – Aerial Photography Article

Changes are Coming In Spring 2018 following an extensive government consuiltaion the UK with introduce new drone laws which will mean that users will need to take an online safety test and register their drone.A few years ago I thought this was not needed as surely people who own drones know the risks and will operate sensibly. Sadly I was wrong and I really welcome these new laws. Maybe driven by the click bait culture of facebook there are videos…

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