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True Cost of Flying a Drone – Aerial Photography Article

The true cost of flying a drone. What’s the question asked of a drone operator most of the time? You’re out on an operation; the drone is down safely and shut down. A voice pipes up behind. “Been watching you fly, looks great fun, what a great job”. Here comes the question. “How much is the drone?” I have lost count the number of times I have been asked this. My reply is on the face of it, “the drone…

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Filming Inside With A Drone – Aerial Photography Article

Filming inside with a drone the story begins. The use of drones for capturing unique perspectives and replacing what would normally be a Heli shoot territory is now really something that can be seen in most productions. The use of a drone is now becoming a standard requirement on any film or TV shoot. As drones become smaller and the camera systems, they use become better, drones are now starting to become used more for internal shoots. Three years ago,…

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