Capturing the Rodeo with a 100-Year-Old Kodak Vest Pocket Lens – Photography Article

This year the Reno Rodeo is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and photojournalist Ty O’Neil decided to photograph it in a way that would pay proper homage to that history: by capturing the 100-year-old rodeo with a 100-year-old lens. “With the Reno Rodeo celebrating 100 years I, as a photojournalist, wanted to capture the celebration of a centenary of rodeos,” O’Neil tells PetaPixel. “Inspired by the historic images of the Reno Rodeo I set about trying to find a way of…

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Five Photo Hacks to Paint with Light – Photography Article

Besides shooting cars or architecture, light painting can also be useful when you want to achieve creative results without spending lots of money. The principle of light painting is very basic: capturing long exposure shots while lighting the subject with a continuous light source. This technique is mainly used in car, architecture, and product photography, where traditional lighting methods don’t work as anticipated. Lighting a large house ceiling, creating light beams around a car or even lighting an interior of…

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This is the World’s Smallest View Camera – Photography Article

Camera-making enthusiast Lucus Landers has created the Mini View Camera, a creation he believes is the smallest view camera (and one of the smallest film cameras) ever made. Landers, a 27-year-old photographer living in Brooklyn, designed and built the camera for a contest put on by the desktop milling machine maker Bantam Tools, which asked users to build something that fits into a 1-inch cube and incorporates the company’s red rooster logo. The machine shop Landers has been building over…

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How I Made a Digital Polaroid SX-70 – Photography Article

I wanted to see if it was possible to turn a dead SX-70 camera into a functioning digital camera without significantly modifying it’s outward appearance. I had no idea if this was reasonably doable but I set out to give it a try. Editor’s note: The longer, original version of this article was originally published on Joshua Gross’ website. This condensed version has been republished with Gross’ permission. The finished product: First, I disassembled the camera into its various components.…

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Developing Color Film Is a Lot Easier Than You Think – Photography Article

I enjoy shooting film from time to time. I like the process, the feel, and the whole “specialness” of it. Up until somewhat recently, I was afraid to develop myself, but this video from fantastic channel Eduardo Pavez Goye shows that developing film is a lot less scary than you may think. When developing film, especially color film, we are told that your chemicals need to be within one degree or it won’t work, or that if you don’t get everything absolutely bang on…

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Photographer Turns Everyday Items Into Film Cameras, and They Actually Work – Photography Article

So widely available is industry-standard photographic equipment these days, the sight of a camera in any form is an everyday occurrence. Less frequently spotted are the creations of one UK-based artist, who transforms everyday items — including food — into functioning film cameras. Brendan Barry undergoes the painstaking process of turning mundane items into actual working cameras. Barry explores all sorts of camera styles, including pinhole, 35mm, and ultra-large format. He has so far made cameras from the likes of…

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These Working Cameras Were Made With the Strangest Things – Photography Article

Brendan Barry is a UK-based large format photographer who has a curious passion for creating working cameras out of the most random everyday objects you could think of. ILFORD featured his work earlier this year, and here’s a look at some of his cameras and the photos they shoot. Bread A photo shot with the bread camera. Mannequin Honeydew Melon A photo shot with the honeydew melon camera. Abandoned Control Tower A photo shot with the abandoned control tower camera.…

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Three Natural Light Hacks That Will Instantly Level up Your Photography Game – Photography Article

What happens when you fly half way across the world to shoot portraits of a model on an exotic beach, but then realize the light is not as soft or usable as you thought? In this video, learn how you can sculpt the natural light the way you want to create the most flattering results. Light is the foundation of photography. It’s all around us, but we must learn how to use it in every situation, that is the job of a…

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