USB4 Officially Announced, Will Offer 40Gbps, Power, and Display Support – Photography Article

Earlier this week, the USB Implementation Forum (USB-IF) finally revealed the specifications for USB4, and it looks like USB will catch up to Thunderbolt 3 in every respect. With dual-lane 40Gbps transfer rates, power delivery, and continued support for display protocols, single-cable computing will soon become the standard. According to the official technical specifications, USB4 will use the same USB Type-C connection we’ve all grown (at times begrudgingly) accustomed to while offering twice the speed of the current standard. USB4…

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The New DisplayPort 2.0 Standard Can Run Three 10K or One 16K Monitor – Photography Article

VESA has announced the first major update to the DisplayPort Audio/Video standard since 2016, and it’s a doozy. DisplayPort 2.0 triples the bandwidth of the standard to a mind-blowing 77.37Gbps, which will allow support for up one 16K signal at 60Hz, two 8K signals at 120Hz, or three 10K signals at 60Hz, all at 30 bits per pixel. By the sound of it, DisplayPort2.0 was made possible by VESA’s collaboration with Intel, as it’s basically just unidirectional Thunderbolt 3. As…

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Wacom’s Cintiq 22 is an Affordable Pen Display for Budget-Conscious Pros – Photography Article

Yesterday, pen tablet maker Wacom revealed the Cintiq 22: a large new addition to the brand’s more affordable non-Pro Cintiq lineup that might just put a 22-inch pen display in reach of budding and budget-conscious photographers. The Cintiq 22 is a new addition to Wacom’s entry-level Pen Display lineup that began with the Cintiq 16 last year. Pen displays—basically external monitors that you can draw on—are usually very expensive, with Wacom’s own Cintiq Pro line costing as much as $3,300…

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