I Shoot Fake Miniature Scenes with the Real Milky Way – Photography Article

Breaking the rules and thinking outside the box is something a photographer should always try. You start your journey with photography capturing everything interesting you see, jumping from one genre to the other until you find your favorite style. I’ve passionate about astronomy since I was a child, and astrophotography was for me a perfect match. It combined my love for astronomy and my love for nature and landscapes with adventures, travel, and camping. This beautiful recipe is just perfect…

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This Photographer Shoots ‘Lord of the Rings’ Scenes on a Tabletop – Photography Article

Nicholas Busch is a Davenport, Iowa-based portrait photographer who has been working on a fascinating personal project in his free time: he shoots Lord of the Rings scenes on a tabletop using miniature scale model photography. Busch came up with the idea for the project a couple of years ago while doing toy car photography — he began wondering whether he could composite humans into miniature scenes in a believable way. After confirming that he could through a few tests,…

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