Adventure-Ready Storage & Backup – Outdoor Photographer – Photography Article

Sponsored Award-winning surf filmmaker Aaron Lieber offers insights for on-location workflow to ensure your images return safely home with you By Staff Published June 26, 2019 As imaging technologies advance, you’re probably taking more images and video than ever before. The fast, continuous shooting capabilities of today’s digital cameras along with their ability to record incredible high-resolution video open up so many creative possibilities for visual storytelling. Whether you’re a working professional or an adventurous photographer who’s ready to travel…

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Please Don’t Feed Bears—Or Other Wildlife – Photography Article

As a reader of Outdoor Photographer, you’re probably aware of the basic rules for being a welcome guest in wild places and ethical wildlife photography practices, but a story reported by KGW8 in Oregon prompted us to share this friendly reminder. Please don’t feed the bears! Or other wildlife. Most people that do so are coming from a place of kindness and think they’re helping, but as this story reminds us, it’s actually detrimental and potentially very dangerous for both…

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Cover Shot, July 2019 – Outdoor Photographer – Photography Article

Our July 2019 issue of Outdoor Photographer celebrates the beauty of our national parks. Feature stories in this issue include the 5 best parks to visit this summer, rafting Grand Canyon for a new photo perspective, and 10 highlights from an epic year-long adventure Jonathan Irish took to photograph every national park. On the cover is a stunning image taken by Irish in Redwood National Park, California. Here’s the story behind the shot. “I had been wanting to photograph the giant California redwoods for…

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