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The Symbolism and Design Power of the Color Gold – Photography Article

Long associated with wealth and prosperity, gold is a color synonymous with luxury and riches…and sometimes vulgarity and excess. Discover gold’s history and meaning, as well as how to use this rich yellow hue in contemporary design. Skip to the end of the article to discover three contemporary gold color palettes to use in your designs. You can also discover a whole spectrum of incredible colors to use in your designs with our new color tool. The gilded interior of…

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How to Use The Color Orange in Your Designs – Photography Article

Combining the fiery energy of red with the optimism of yellow, orange is one of the most positively perceived colors. Associated with creativity, health, zest and amusement, you can use orange to give instant energy to your designs. The orange color in fruits and vegetables is generated by carotenes, a type of pigment that converts light energy from the sun into chemical energy for growth. As a result, orange is often associated with health, growth, and taste. This, along with…

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5 Tips for Creating an Awesome Book Cover Design – Photography Article

An effective book cover makes a positive first impression on potential readers. Try these five expert tips for designing dynamic book covers for both ebooks and print. Cover image adapted from book mockup image by contributor Chinnapong Designing your first book cover? Looking to pick up some cover design pointers? Here you’ll learn five pro tips for creating covers that look fantastic and are technically flawless too. From how to create a hierarchy for your typography to creating an immersive…

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The Symbolism and Design Power of the Color Blue – Photography Article

In some settings calm and serene, in others cold and conservative, blue is a versatile color that can give designs a sense of order and tranquility. Pick up pro tips on how to design and decorate using the color blue in this complete guide. Blue is a universally popular color, with recent surveys in the US and Europe pointing to blue as the favorite color of over half of individuals*. This, along with its adaptable nature and beauty, makes blue…

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6 Ways to Establish Visual Hierarchy – Photography Article

Visual hierarchy consists of the arrangement of all design elements in a manner that guides the viewer throughout the composition. Use these six essential techniques to take your design to the next level.  In graphic design, visual hierarchy refers to the presentation of elements within a composition in a way that prioritizes their importance. Arranging components based on importance guides the viewer through the design and ensures the message is clear and concise. You can make one portion of the…

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Free Lightroom Presets for Better Looking Portraits – Photography Article

Download 5 FREE Portrait Presets for Lightroom CC – PLUS, Learn How to Whiten Teeth. Your portrait photo editing and enhancement just got a lot easier. Portraiture is a type of photography that uses specific techniques to capture a person’s personality, their mood, or a sense of them in a specific place. A portrait doesn’t necessarily need a style (which is a style itself) — the facial expression of the details of the subject can communicate all the necessary information.…

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Color Theory, Symbolism, and On-Trend Palettes – Photography Article

The color of earth, wood, and stone, brown is a stabilizing and warm color with the ability to bring a grounded naturalism to designs. Pick up pro tips on how to design and decorate using the color brown in this complete guide. Considered by some as dull, in the right context brown can be a beautiful and elegant color choice, provoking feelings of warmth, honesty, and connectedness with nature. It is also proven to stimulate appetite, which makes it a…

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15 Best Free Fonts for Your Business Card Designs – Photography Article

The selection of fonts used in your business card can make a vast difference in how it is perceived. Make your card design stand out with this roundup of 15 free, high quality fonts. Finding the perfect font(s) to use in your business card can be daunting and downright overwhelming. After all, the typography you use can make or break how your business card compares to others. Just by selecting a script instead of a sans serif can make all…

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Understanding the Use and Application of Spot Color – Photography Article

Want to know what makes spot color different? Learn the secrets behind spot color and Pantone before your next design project heads to the printer. A spot color is a color created by the inks laid down in a single run in offset printing. This type of color for printing is best used when you have a lot of the same color, or if you need extreme precision in your printing. Is Spot Color the Same as Pantone? Spot color…

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Think Pink! Discover the Design Power and Symbolism of the Color Pink – Photography Article

Discover pink’s symbolic meanings and fascinating history, as well as how to team with other colors to create a cutting-edge design scheme. Pick up pro tips on how to design and decorate using the color pink in this complete guide. A tint of red, pink is more delicate and playful than its crimson cousin. From baby girls to punk rock, pink has diverse associations that give it exciting potential as a color to use across a variety of designs. Widely…

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What is RGB, How Does RGB Work, and More – Photography Article

What does RGB even mean? Find out this and more with a brief overview of what RGB is and how you can use it in your web designs. If you’ve ever designed for web application, you’ve probably stumbled across RGB color. Here we break down what RGB actually is, how it works in web design, as well as how designers can get the most out of using it. What is RGB? When choosing a color for a design, you need…

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