Full-Frame Digital vs Large Format Film: A Side-by-Side Comparison – Photography Article

Photographer Usman Dawood of Sonder Creative recently teamed up with film photographer Adam French to put together an intriguing portrait comparison: high-resolution full-frame digital vs 4×5 large format film. They shot both cameras at about the same FF equivalent focal length, and then compared the resulting images side by side for your viewing pleasure. The video serves two purposes. First, Dawood wanted to address the common comment that “larger sensors produce shallower depth of field,” which is a simplification. In…

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Can You Actually Tell the Difference? – Photography Article

Given how much more it costs to buy an f/1.4 prime compared to an f/1.8, beginners in particular often ask if the upgrade is worth it. Build quality and optical quality being equal, is the difference in light gathering capability and depth of field noticeable? Can you really tell? Photographer and YouTuber Pierre Lambert decided to do a blind “taste test” so to speak and find out if his viewers could actually tell the difference between photos shot at multiple…

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Does Sensor Size Affect Depth of Field: The Definitive Answer – Photography Article

In this video, I’m going to put to rest this question once and for all: does sensor size affect depth of field? I’ll be physically taking pictures with a full-frame camera and a Micro 4/3 camera, and showing you the visual difference in a range of aperture settings. There are lots of theories and opinions on this but here is the definitive answer. See for yourself and let us know what you think. Is there a difference in sensor sizes…

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