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DJI Drone Photography – Blur vs. Focus – Aerial Photography Article

DJI has created an entirely new sector of working photographers. These are aerial drone photographers, many of whom are trying to raise their skill level with a yearning to earn a few dollars or establish a new career.  The DJI Phantom, Mavic, and Inspire lineup of drones has made aerial camera placement and operation an uncomplicated process. What is not so simple yet is the basic understanding of photography.  Some of the fundamentals, like types of blur & focus, are…

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10 Focus Tips For Perfectly Sharp iPhone Photos – iPhone Photography Article

Do your iPhone photos look blurry or out of focus? It doesn’t have to be this way! But how do you take stunning photos where your subject is always pin-sharp? In this tutorial, you’ll discover the secrets to taking perfectly focused photos with your iPhone. If you follow these 10 focus tips, you’ll never take a blurry iPhone photo again! Table Of Contents: 10 Focus Tips For Perfectly Sharp iPhone Photos Click any title link below to go straight to…

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