Stranger Things Fan Goes Viral for Not Knowing what a Darkroom Is – Photography Article

A young fan of the popular Netflix show Stranger Things earned a bit of Internet fame (or is it infamy?) this weekend when they asked a question about that strange “red room” in the show where Jonathan goes “to ‘refine’ his photos or something.” In other words: a darkroom. The original question was posted to a StackExchange forum, where the confused fan described the darkroom in a post titled “What is the purpose of this ‘red room’ in Stranger Things?”…

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How Edward Weston Processed His Photos – Photography Article

Legendary photographer Edward Weston was one of the most influential photographers in American history, and in this short video, we get to go back in time, visit his home, and watch him process one of his negatives from start to finish. The video–which is mostly footage from a 1948 documentary about Edward Weston—was just release by Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography. It’s part of a broader series on Weston, which included a modern-day tour of his darkroom with Weston’s…

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This Photographer Put a Full Wet Plate Photography Darkroom on a Tricycle – Photography Article

Michaël Tirat, a wet plate photographer based in Bordeaux, France, has created something pretty special. In an attempt to make his photography services more portable, he’s created a mobile darkroom on a tricycle that enables him to capture wet plates photography all over the city. Tirat—who shoots under the moniker “L’Alchimiste“—rides his mobile darkroom to events around Bordeaux, offering wet plate portraits to attendees right then and there. “Composed of a dark chamber on the upper box, and a storage…

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Photographer Turns Huge Shipping Container into Working Camera – Photography Article

For three weeks earlier this year, if you visited Northernhay Gardens in Exeter, UK, you would have found one of the largest and most unusual cameras in the world. It’s called the Container Camera, and the large-format-camera-and-darkroom-in-a-shipping-container was created by photographer and educator Brendan Barry. We first featured the strange camera last month in a roundup of odd photographic contraptions that Barry had built using everything from fruit, to mannequins, to a tree stump. He also authored a guest post…

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