Building The Ultimate Photo Editing Workstation – Photography Article

Building a solid workstation is critical to photographers and retouchers. We find ourselves sitting at the desk for 7-10 hours a day to meet deadlines. If you dread going to your editing station, it can make post-processing a chore that you don’t look forward to, which means delayed deadlines and unhappy clients. I made up my mind to build the dream station where I look forward to spending hours on end sitting at. In the above video I showcase my…

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This Handmade ‘Ultimate Photography Portfolio’ Took 18 Months to Build – Photography Article

NYC fashion and commercial photographer Dani Diamond recently embarked on a mission to create “The Ultimate Photography Portfolio.” By combining his love of photography with his skills as a woodworker and about 18 months of design & development, he was able to create something truly unique: a wooden, leather-bound, laser-engraved, 11×17-inch portfolio that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. The project was inspired as a kind of response to the Instagram problem. While social media helps Dani book clients and showcase…

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