Cyber Crimes

What if someone speaks negatively about Saudi Arabia online? – Photobook Photography Article

While it is very common in some countries to have freedom of speech and to criticize its people and public figures openly, yet in some countries, it is not that open. Such countries have strong Cyber Crime laws that would tend to tack you and would punish you for speaking negatively. Saudi Arabia is not a democratic country: it has strong cybercrime laws that do not allow people to speak against the law, government, religions and other sensitive matters. Spread…

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Saudi woman jailed for calling her ex-husband “stupid” – Photobook Photography Article

We should respect the dignity and emotions of everyone while talking to them face to face or on any other chat platform. Especially if you talk about WhatsApp and other social media platforms, all your chat is saved and can be used against you. A very peculiar incident was reported from Jeddah this week. A Saudi woman was jailed for sending abusive messages to her ex-husband. A man filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife to whom he divorced five years…

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