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Flying Your Drone in Native American Reservation Airspace – Aerial Photography Article

Flying Your Drone in Native American Reservation Airspace Flying in Native American Airspace A question was raised during my recent vacation to a National Park in Montana: Do Native American Nations have sovereign authority over their airspace? I had intended to fly the Park’s edge region from Tribal lands (which legally complies with the NPS Policy Memorandum 14-05). However, I realized the rules that apply to airspace over tribal lands might be different. Airspace Sovereignty from the Native American Perspective…

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Does a Private Property Owner Have the Right to Shoot Down Your Drone? – Aerial Photography Article

Shooting at a Drone is Illegal Shooting down an aerial drone is a federal crime and could result in criminal liability. Regardless of how a property owner feels about a drone’s (perceived) invasion of privacy over their private property, there are more civil solutions available. State Privacy Laws Favor Property Owners We established in our May 2017 blog that case law has favored property owners for altitudes up to 500 feet above their property. So, the wise drone pilot will…

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