Nikon to Release Z50 Mirrorless APS-C Camera and Two Lenses Soon: Report – Photography Article

It looks like Nikon is preparing to enter the mirrorless APS-C market and take on Sony’s a6000 series cameras. According to a breaking report from this morning, Nikon is planning to release the “Z50” APS-C mirrorless camera and two lightweight DX-format mirrorless lenses “soon.” The report, published by Nikon Rumors this morning, claims that the Nikon Z50 will feature a 20MP APS-C image sensor, 3-inch “pivoted” LCD, and the ability to shoot bursts up to 11fps. If accurate, it seems…

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24m vs 35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm vs 135mm – Photography Article

Portrait photographer Julia Trotti recently put together a useful comparison video for beginners where she captures portraits using a crop-sensor camera and her most-used prime lenses: a 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm. Plenty of people have done comparisons like this using full-frame cameras and, in fact, Trotti did that comparison first. But after publishing that video, the most common request in the comments was to do a follow-up on a crop-sensor body. Given how much more affordable and accessible…

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