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The Importance of Execution: Lessons from the Night of McDonald’s Giveaways – Photobook Photography Article

Any idea is only as good as the execution. Which McDonalds found out on Thursday Now, I love my creativity when it comes to marketing and communications. Especially when it involves bridging the online and offline worlds. McDonalds should have come up with a cracker of an idea. For one night only, the fast food chain was giving out freebies including “Night In” apparel and accessories, including McDonalds-branded loungewear, socks, slippers, games, and more. All consumer had to do was…

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Purpose Marketing: Nada Dairy’s Ad for Saudi National Day Backfires – Photobook Photography Article

Nada’s attempt to mix politics with branding have backfired I’ve spoken previously about the issue of purpose marketing in the Middle East (mainly the lack of any local brand engagement on big issues such as gender equality and sustainability). One popped into my timelines this week. Sadly, it’s an example that will be long remembered for what went wrong, rather than right. Nada Dairy is one of the largest manufacturers of dairy products in the Gulf. The company decided to…

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