5 Tips for Breaking Out of a Creative Rut and Staying Creative – Photography Article

Photographer Jamie Windsor made this inspiring 8-minute video in which he shares 5 tips for breaking out of a creative rut in your photography and staying creative. “So I worked out that creative block happens for me when my conscious mind falls out of sync with my intuition,” Windsor writes. “What I mean by this is that when I’m creating something, my intuition (or my subconscious mind) is coming up with ideas and my conscious mind is forming it into…

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8 Ways to Get Inspired and Break Through Creative Block – Photography Article

I believe all artists experience “blocks” every once in a while. Feelings of discouragement or lack of motivation, inspiration, and will to do something we know we love to do. Writers have a “writer’s block” – a condition in which a writer is unable to write anything. Logically, it doesn’t make sense; how could a writer who has written hundreds of pages before not be able to form sentences all of a sudden? But it’s nothing to do with writing…

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