What Kind of Photoshopper Are You? – Photography Article

[ad_1] Which photoshopper are you? intro goes here The Achiever You are magic. You can do anything in Photoshop, and nary a seam will show. A client could ask you to photoshop Bono eating a burrito in a bolero, and the Associated Press would report it as fact the next day. You read all the manuals and go to all the tutorial sessions. When Adobe asks you to submit user feedback, a smile like a ray of sunshine breaks across…

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Diversifying Creativity with TONL | Chase Jarvis Photography – Photography Article

[ad_1] By working to highlight a diverse set of narratives from under represented populations, Joshua Kissi and Karen Okonkwo — two of Inc Magazine’s 30 Under 30 — are addressing a huge gap in the creative market.   Karen was at Arizona State University when she decided to start a blog for sorority women. It gained immediate attention. Yet, when a friend asked why there wasn’t any African Americans showcased on the site, she was defensive. As an African American herself, she…

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Reset Your Money Mindset with Tonya Rapley – Photography Article

[ad_1] Mindset is everything. And today on the podcast, I wanted to share a strong point of view on MONEY – something that’s a struggle for most creators and entrepreneurs. Enter: Tonya Rapley!  Tonya is the author of The Money Manual: A Practical Guide To Help You Succeed on Your Financial Journey. She’s been called the “New Face of Wealth Building” by Black Enterprise Magazine, and one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Women in Personal Finance.”.  She’s also the founder of the award-winning site,…

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Love, Service, and Living Your Truth with Danielle LaPorte – Photography Article

[ad_1] Let’s face it. We all have our inner journeys and the compulsion to improve, yet how can we both be growing and improving without feeling less than or inadequate?  It’s a trap. ENTER: Danielle LaPorte – a best-selling author (White Hot Truth, The Fire Starter Sessions, and The Desire Map), poet, former think tank executive and business strategist – and she’s on the podcast today to help us, among other things, to reconcile these competing principles. As one of Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul…

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Happiness Through Gratitude with AJ Jacobs – Photography Article

[ad_1] AJ Jacobs is a multiple NYT bestselling author, a journalist, a lecturer as well as a warm and hilarious human soul.  He’s on this weeks podcast and is…SO GOOD. In this show we learn why AJ intentionally puts himself in the most extraordinary circumstances … like when he strove to be “the world’s healthiest man” going from Dad bod to ultimate health (Book = Drop Dead Healthy). Or when he lived according to the bible for a year, beard, goats and…

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how to pay yourself first (aka save like a boss) – Photography Article

[ad_1] David Bach is a legend in the personal finance space — a master at helping creators and entrepreneurs make -and keep- more of the money we earn. He’s one of America’s best known financial gurus, having put nine consecutive books on the NYT best sellers list.  In short, when David Bach talks – and you’re a creator who wants to make money – you listen. We had David in the CL studios not long ago to share wisdom from…

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You Are Your Habits with Julien Smith – Photography Article

[ad_1] Julien Smith is a long-time friend and familiar face on the podcast. I first brought him on in 2013 to talk about why not caring about what others think is a useful skill to have as a creator in any field (translation: he penned a LEGENDARY blog post called ‘the subtle art of not giving a f*$k’ – which went crazy viral and later inspired a best selling book by Mark Manson…). And now Julien is BAAACK…this time talking about both…

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The Most Important Conversation About Life… Death with Michael Hebb – Photography Article

[ad_1] Michael Hebb is an artist, activist, restaurateur, long time friend of mine and probably the closest thing that comes to an expert on death. He is a hyphenated renegade, seemingly more comfortable swimming upstream and addressing taboo subjects than he is going with the crowd. He co-founded Portland’s unsanctioned underground food movement, was my co-conspirator for Songs for Eating and Drinking, and he recently wrote a powerful book about death that will change the way you view life. Let’s…

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Gregory Heisler on Embracing Your Own Uniqueness – Photography Article

[ad_1] You know Gregory Heisler, or at the very least, you’ve seen his work. Gregory is a prolific photographer best known for his 70 cover portraits for TIME Magazine and has graced the pages of Life, Esquire, Fortune, GQ, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and The New York Times Magazine. We recently had the pleasure of hosting Gregory in our CreativeLive studios to present his talk on embracing one’s own uniqueness. Now, I attend a lot of keynotes, speeches, and presentations. Not…

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The Dirtiest Secret in Photography – Photography Article

[ad_1] I’m often asked: where I get my inspiration from, how to stand out? AND why I’m sharing less BTS videos of my photo shoots? Well….glad you asked. Because in today’s episode of #cjRAW, I answer those questions specifically….but wanted to do something a little bit different. A little stripped down. Straight talk. Heart to heart — just you and me. In fact, in this episode, I reveal the dirtiest secret in photography. Truth is: the most game-changing ideas come…

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Finding Your Niche: A Fireside Chat at CreativeLive – Photography Article

[ad_1] Not too long ago I had the opportunity to sit down with a group of CreativeLive students attending a special week of programming in our Seattle studios. This conversation was never intended to be published, but after listening to this intimate conversation with some fellow creators, I had to share it. One of the things I really love about having students in the studio is 1:1 interaction and that non-tangible exchange that happens when a group of people gets…

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