How Much RAM Do You Really Need to Edit Photos in Lightroom? – Photography Article

How much RAM do you really need to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom? 8GB? 16GB? 32GB? And how much of a difference would upgrading your current system actually make? Ryan of Signature Edits decided to find out, and he’s put together a helpful comparison video to share his results. In the video above, Ryan starts out by covering what RAM does and doesn’t do. Some less tech-y types tend to think that “More RAM” always equals “Better Performance,” but that’s…

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Adobe Lightroom Lands in Apple’s Mac App Store – Photography Article

Adobe Lightroom is now available through Apple’s Mac App Store. It’s the first major Adobe Creative Cloud app to be made available in the app store, which was revamped when Apple launched macOS Mojave last year. The app is the new cloud-based Lightroom, not the popular desktop/laptop-centric app that was formerly known as Lightroom before being renamed to Adobe Lightroom Classic. Lightroom is a free download from the Mac App Store and is included in your plan if you subscribe…

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