5 Tips to Create A Brand Envy Photoshoot – Photography Article

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or a brand enthusiast looking for a social media transformation? Having a library of custom images for blogging and social media will drastically improve your digital strategy and have an enormous impact on how people engage with your brand.  Photographer and brand strategist Jasmine Star’s teaches that memorable content begins with a strong point of view, authenticity, and consistency. In this sneak peek from her upcoming class ‘Your Social Media Bootcamp’ she explains how to create content that shares ideas and educates…

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Just Fix It In Post ???? – Photography Article

Like nails on a chalkboard! CreativeLive asks photoshop experts how they’d respond to the ever-common request “Can you JUST fix it in post?” and filmed their response. Truth be told, with the right skills, a little humor, (and the right price!) these Photoshop Week pros prove almost anything can be done. What would you do? Shoot back a snarky email or accept the challenge? If you picked the later option we encourage you to join us for Photoshop Week 2019! We’re…

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The Best Books on Creativity, Leadership and Finances – Photography Article

The Best Books on Creativity, Leadership and Finances Home > Uncategorized > 12 inspiring books on creativity, leadership, and finances to add to your summer reading list <link rel="stylesheet" id="js_composer_front-css" href="" type="text/css"… This is only a snippet of a Photography Article written by Hillary Grigonis Source link

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Day to Night Hyperlapse – New Lesson in the Hyperlapse Course! – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Good news for all participants of my Courses! I’ve just updated the Hyperlapse Course adding a new lesson – how to shoot a day to night hyperlapse shot. This is available now to everyone who bought either Hyperlapse Course or PRO Membership. And in this post I’ll give you a few information about the lesson and technique. Day to night hyperlapse is a really fun and impressive technique, however for some reason I see very few shots made this way…

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