This Simple Conversion Turns Any Zoom Lens Into a Macro Lens – Photography Article

Are you looking for an affordable but also electronic macro lens? Or maybe you have an old kit lens that’s just sitting around, collecting dust since your last upgrade? Well then read on, because in this article I am going to share one cool hack that will allow you to transform almost any kit or standard zoom lens into a capable macro lens! I am not talking about reversing the lens or mounting it on extension tubes, we’re actually going…

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This Guy Turned a Sony a7R III Into a Leica Q2 – Photography Article

We’ve seen some unusual camera modding projects before, but this one is next level. Someone over in China took a $2,500 Sony a7R III, took it apart, and, through an insane amount of work, turned it into a $5,000 Leica Q2. The project was shared to the Chinese social media service Weibo by a guy who goes by Neutral Gray. He started off with a sketch — his goal was to arrive at a camera that looks somewhat like a…

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