Capturing Creative Portraits Using Only Continuous Lights – Photography Article

Photographer Neil van Niekerk recently invited his friend Marco Leibetseder into his NYC studio for a photo challenge: rather than using flash, Niekerk and Leibetseder set themselves the challenge to capture some creative portraits that showcased “depth” in-studio using only continuous lighting. We love it when talented photographers set themselves a challenge, whether it’s a cheap camera challenge, using only one lens, or capturing a new photo of the same subject for 365 days straight. This is where a photographer’s…

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Aputure Unveils Extremely Powerful LS 600d with 600W of ‘Raw LED Power’ – Photography Article

Aputure unveiled a prototype of its most powerful continuous light yet at IBC 2019. With just a touch of fanfare, the company reveled the LS 600d LED light, which will boast “600 watts of raw LED power” according to Aputure President Ted Sim. The Aputure LS 600d will be the big brother to the current LS 300d II, and it promises to be absolutely blinding at full power—600W of LED output is equivalent to about 4.5-5K watts of tungsten output.…

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‘The Most Versatile Continuous LED Light’ – Photography Article

Elinchrom has partnered up with Light & Motion to announce the new Elinchrom ELM8: a battery-powered continuous LED light for photo and video shooters that they’re calling “the most versatile continuous LED light on the market.” While we don’t know how exactly you quantify that claim (and they have a lot of competition in the continuous LED market) the Elinchrom ELM8 certainly seems to be a powerful and versatile option thanks to its build quality, portability, and compatibility with Elinchrom’s…

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